How to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Tune into the natural world and embrace the turning of the wheel, as a new astrological year begins.

Spring is officially here, and with it begins a new year, according to astrology. As the Earth awakens from its winter slumber, the Spring Equinox marks a time of balance and renewal. This ancient celebration, also known as Ostara, invites us to embrace the changing seasons and reconnect with the rhythms of nature. Join us as we explore a variety of ways to honor the Spring Equinox, welcoming the arrival of a new season with joy and intention.

From cleansing rituals to festive gatherings, there are countless ways to celebrate this auspicious time of year. Below, we've highlighted our favorite rituals and traditions to mark the new season.

Do a Spring Cleaning

Embrace the energy of renewal by decluttering your space and in turn, your mind. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and release everything that no longer brings you joy. After clearing out what no longer serves you, thoroughly cleanse your home of dirt and dust, perhaps while playing your favorite music and visualizing all that you'd like to make space for in this new season and year ahead. Light some palo santo or your favorite cleansing herb to purify the air and create a new beginning.

How to Celebrate the Spring Equinox | Planting Seeds

Plant Seeds

Likewise, you can embrace the cycle of growth and renewal by planting seeds for the future. Whether buying seedlings to sprout for your garden or simply purchasing a new houseplant, do so with an intention or goal you'd like to create in your own life. As you water or tend to your seedlings, keep your intention in your mind, watching it thrive and blossom over time. Just as well, gardening or planting of any kind helps to create a reciprocal relationship with the Earth and will help you feel in tune with the season.

How to Celebrate the Spring Equinox | Set a Spring Table

Host a Spring Gathering

Gather your loved ones for a vibrant and plentiful spring feast. Set your table with colorful spring linens and an abundance of plants and flowers to bring the energy of spring indoors. Serve dishes filled with spring produce, from asparagus and pea shoots to radishes and strawberries. Consider incorporating a ritual into your gathering where you and your guests set intentions for the season ahead. Share your hopes and aspirations for the coming months, supporting one another as you embark on new beginnings.

Get the Look

For our Spring table, we were inspired to use all shade of vibrant, verdant green.

Invite the tones of the outdoors in with our handmade gingham placemats and matching napkins, favorites you'll use all year long.

Creating a beautiful spring tablescape is a lovely way to connect with the season on an everyday level for your whole family to enjoy.

How to Celebrate the Spring Equinox | A Green Tablescape

Embrace Color

Just a Mother Earth adorns herself with the many lovely flowers and colors of the Spring, you too may feel inspired to purchase a new piece of jewelry or colorful outfit. Whatever you choose, allow this purchase to symbolize the new energy you'd like to bring into the season and year ahead – filling you with joy, hope, and wonder each time you wear it.

You may like to dress your home for the season as well, by purchasing some new linens or accessories evoking a similar spirit of newness and joy.

How to Celebrate the Spring Equinox | Wear Colorful Clothing

Take a Nature Walk

Here's an especially great way to involve the little ones in your connection to nature: As the weather warms, set aside time to immerse yourself in the beauty of the changing season. Walk slowly and take time to notice all of the changes happening around you, big and small. Collect items like leaves, flowers, shells, or stones, which you can later use to create a seasonal altar at home.

How to Celebrate the Spring Equinox | Nature Walk

Decorate Eggs

Celebrate the arrival of spring with a festive egg decorating activity. The tradition of decorating eggs predates Christianity and has its roots in Pagan spring celebrations. Pagan cultures believed that eggs held magical properties and represented the fertility of the earth. Decorating eggs offers a way to honor the renewal of life and to invoke blessings for the coming season. Adorn your eggs with colorful dyes, paint, or natural materials like leaves and flowers. Or if you prefer, you can partake in the tradition by collecting a small assortment of crystal eggs, placing them in a handmade nest using natural materials.